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History of the World Martial Arts Games Movement

A few organizations have started to copy our movement; It is our pleasure to share with you our history and the proof to go with it. Sadly in September 2015 the WMAC National Directors voted on a No-Confidence vote against the then President and the Committee. There were many problems with communication, voting and decision making under the old leadership, so much so, it felt like a Dictatorship rather than a Democratic fair Body.

The then Seventeen Member Countries were invited to participate in elections for a New President and Committee. Eleven Member Countries voted for a New President and Board of Directors, giving a clear majority in fair democratic vote. The former President and most of the former Board Abstained from voting and stated they didn’t recognize the fair vote. The former President and a few close friends from his neighbouring Villages have continued with the WMAC.

The Newly voted Board of Directors under the leadership of the WMAGC Co-Founder and New President Alfred Kleinschwärzer, voted that the most transparent way forward was to celebrate a decade of success by a rebranding of our logo and the reclaiming of our original name the World Martial Arts Games Committee.

Please see our Timeline below:

1st World Martial Arts Games  –  18.-20. Aug. 2006 in Victoria

All Co-Founders and the Founder itself aggreed in a Meeting at the end of 2005 to have the 1st World Martial Arts Games in the beautiful area of Vancouver Island in Victoria / Canada. The host of the Games was former WMAGC President and Co-Founder Ken Marchtaler.

One of the largest and most prestigious online newspapers, the EPOCH TIMES, published our first World Martial Arts Games prior to the event. Read the original and historical news from January 2006.

2nd World Martial Arts Games  –  27.-29. July 2007 in Regensburg

2007 the 2nd World Martial Arts Games were planned to take place in Islamabad / Pakistan with our co-founder Master Sahid Bhatti. Due to bomb attacks, the Government prohibited foreing sports groups to enter the borders to have events, as there was a high risk at this time.

So it was on short notice, Germany took over this responsibility in the beautiful City of Regensburg at the river Danub. The host was Alfred Kleinschwärzer, the President of NMAC Germany and his team. See below the story written by the Martial Arts International Magazine.

3rd World Martial Arts Games  –  26.Sept. – 2. Oct. 2008 Busan

In 2008 our Movement joined as “ACTIVE MEMBER” into TAFISA, after a one year period as supporting member. In 2007 we took part at the TAFISA international Congress in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Now, after TAFISA officials aggreed and has seen our strenght and the way and vision we believe in, they offered to the WMAGC Movement to become official demonstation discipline at the TreX-Games in Busan / South Korea. A international selection of officials and athletes did a perfect organized demonstration to present our idea to the World of Martial Arts.


See on the right the press release about the participation at the TAFISA TreX-Games

4th World Martial Arts Games  –  12.-13. Sept. 2009 in Sydney

Master Alex Micakovski, our Co-Founder of the movement and very well known and international successful athlete, took the task to run and organize the 4th World Martial Arts Games in Sydney in 2009. Together with special guest of honor Mr. Richard Norton, this event was a great success, as we also had the patronage of TAFISA for this event the first time.



Here we finde the official VIP Invitation Cover for all Politicians attending the event.

5th World Martial Arts Games  –  17.-19. Sept. 2010 in Las Vegas

It was the task of Dr. Alberto Friedmann, our Coach and National Director USA to get the 5th World Martial Arts Games organized in the beautiful Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas . Special Guest was Secretary General of TAFISA, Dr. Wolfgang Baumann, wich also granted patronage to this prestigous event.

1st Continental Martial Arts Games  –  21.-23. Oct. 2011 in Cheltenham / GB

In 2011 we have changed the modus into Continental Games every two years and also World Martial Arts Games between. This was a international request of the Congress we had in Las Vegas in 2010. Following this request we had European and Amercan Games in 2011. All events received patronage by TAFISA.  Host of this first European Martial Arts Games was Master Ross Iannociaro from Great Britain.

This the page one of the official registration package for the European Martial Arts Committee. Due to a following meeting the WMAGC Movement has changed back to the original version of having yearly annual World Martial Arts Games.

6th World Martial arts Games   –   10.-12. Sept. 2012 in Bregenz

In 2012 it was planned to organize the 6th World Martial Arts Games in Villars / CH by our member and Co-Founder Mr. Carl Emery. Due to some difficulties, we could not keep up with this venue and were forced to find an alternative location. At this moment Mr. Folladori came into the pictures and promised – convinced by WMAGC founder Freddy Kleinschwärzer – to run the event in his hometown Bregenz in Austria. Mr. Folladori became the WMAGC National Director with his new created NMAC-Austria team.



This was the flyer for the 6th World Martial Arts Games. Due to the cercumstances Mr. Folladori helped out organizing this event, the WMAGC was convinced to give him the opportunity to run this event twice in his hometown. The 2013 WMAGs were given to Mr. Folladori again as a little “THANK YOU” for his support.

7th World Martial Arts Games   –   4th – 8th August 2013 in Bregenz

As mentioned before, Mr. Folladori received for the second time the right to run and organize World Martial Arts Games as he helped and supported in hosting the previous Games in his hometown. During these World Martial Arts Games, Mr. Ken Marchtaler stepped down from his postion as President of WMAGC and moved into the TAFISA Martial Arts Commissioner position to prepare the 2014 TAFISA World Martial Arts Games.


At this stage the  international Congress decided to re-name the WMAGC into WMAC (World Martial Arts Committee). Also Mr. Folladori was elected to President of WMAC later on.

With this first page of the registration page we also can see a logo change. Within the registration package (see below) you will see the original old Kicker in blue. This kicker was replaced into a more proper design.

8th World Martial Arts Games  &  1st TAFISA World Martial Arts Games – 3.-7. Sep. 2014

The first time ever the TAFISA organized together with the officials of WMAC the 1st TAFISA WORLD MARTIAL ARTS GAMES in the Olympic Oval in Richmond / CAN.  The leading character to run the event was former WMAGC President Ken Marchtaler from Canada. He had the strong friendship and partnership to TAFISA enabled. The most exciting fact was, that this event was patronaged by the IOC (International Olympic Committee). The all around organization in this fantastic location was perfect, as about 1000 volunteers took care about every need.

9th World Martial Arts Games  –  27.-30. August 2015 in Norwich / GB

Mr. Chris Hemstock, Chairman of the National Directors and Host of the 2015 World Martial Arts Games #9 did a perfect job in Norwich. He and his fantastic team showed professionality and family atmosphere. A great show program opened these Games and with more than 600 starts this was one of the bigger events we had so far.

10th World Martial Arts Games   –   14.-16. October 2016 in Johannesburg / South Africa

Our 10th World Martial Arts Games are at the same time our anniversary Games. They will be held in the beautiful South Africa City Johannesburg. Host of the Games is MASA (Martial Arts South Africa under the guidance of Master Louise Viviers (President).


The Ticketpro Dome will be the venue and a recent meeting with all Martial Arts Leaders gave the solid base to run this fantastic event. Also we will have a new strong partner on board LFSM. We are looking forward to get to South Africa and to compete with international top of the league athletes; says President of WMAGC – Grandmaster Alfred Kleinschwaerzer and NMAC Great

Britain – Master Hemstock.

11th World Martial Arts Games   –   07.-10. October 2017 in Orlando-FL / USA

The 11th World Martial Arts Games are held in Orlando / Florida. Team USA with Dr. Friedmann are the host of this unique experience close to the Disney Area.


The Wyndham Orlando Resort is the venue of the World Games 2017.